Who we are, what we do, and why we do it

After a combined 40 years of watching marketers run around chasing new customers through advertising, PR, social media, email marketing and any number of all channels, we’re exhausted. And we know you are too – it's costly, frustrating – and above all, hard to measure.

But the majority of marketers perceive their jobs wrong – they think if they're talking to the customers that their predecessor acquired, they're losing ground. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. It costs less to keep a customer happy than to acquire a new one. It even costs less to save an unhappy customer than acquire a new one.

But can this help the business GROW? Of course. Focus on the customer in front of you, and they’ll stay. And, in a world of sub-par experiences and daily frustrations – treat them well – just be nice – and they will stay, they will give you more business, and they will tell their friends.

Shankman|Honig is the next generation of customer experience consultancy. In short, we help organizations integrate and align their customer support and marketing communications functions. Through audit, analysis, organizational realignment and customer experience training, we help organizations transform brand experiences in order to build a loyal, growing, and profitable client base.