The Case for Customer Service

If you didn't think being nice was good enough, it's also profitable

There's a feeling that we've all had on occasion. A feeling of wonderment, of excitement. A feeling that we're special - we're different. We're almost... Royalty. A feeling that shouts "They know who I am, and they care about me!"

It's a feeling that makes customers jump up and share how they're feeling with the world. These feelings could singlehandedly power the Internet, with Tweets and Instagrams of these magic moments spreading far and wide in this new socio-sharing economy.

It's a feeling customers should get from your company, every single time they interact with it.

Sadly, they rarely do. Amazing customer service has become the exception, not the norm. And it's costing your company millions of dollars in lost revenue, and multitudes of new customers who won't go to you in the first place based on the experience that someone they trust had with your company.

In short, companies have forgotten how to service the customer to create amazing moments, and it's costing them, big-time.

The Case for Customer Service:

90% of companies say they provide excellent customer service, yet only 8% of customers say the same. (Source: Bain & Company)

91% of customers say they won't go back to a company after just one bad customer service experience. (Source: Bain & Company)

Scared yet?

(Source: ZenDesk)

Let's face it - We live in a sharing economy. Good things happen? We share them. Bad things happen? We share them. Want your company to be a hero? Simply do something above and beyond for a customer who has their phone out. But it's not enough to do it once. It requires a change of corporate thinking from top to bottom.

Are you ready for the ride?