Meet the founders and the team

Rachel Lyn Honig


Rachel’s first job was at the ticket counter at the Cineplex Odeon Fantasy movie theater in Rockville Centre, Long Island. While she hopes never to find herself in a uniform composed of shades of purple, lavender and magenta, she takes with her valuable lessons learned there, to this day.

Delight the customer, engage with them - even in a simple transaction, and they will leave with a smile, and more importantly, come back, over and over again.

Well-known and respected for her pragmatic approach to marketing, Rachel works regularly with clients to integrate operations and marketing communications to drive revenue. Recognizing that customer service is no longer an operations issue, but a marketing opportunity, Rachel works with clients to adjust both their internal and external communications processes, as well as employee relations.

A marketing industry veteran with more than 20 years experience counseling clients from global advertising agencies to law firms, to non-profits to apparel manufacturers, retailers, spas, art galleries and even makers of septic system treatments, Rachel firmly believes that any company big or small can benefit from increased attention to customer service.

She lectures frequently to students and professionals on marketing disciplines as well as industry trends and was an invited guest to a two-day summit at the White House and U.S. Department of State to develop strategies for enhancing the United States’ reputation abroad.

Rachel also sits on Board of Directors of Advertising Women of New York, the 100-year-old marketing trade group, and serves on the Advisory Board of the Masters in Corporate Communications to Baruch College where she guides synergies between business processes and communications curricula.

Rachel lives on New York City’s East Side and when she’s not helping clients drive their businesses, she is searching for obscure regional cuisines and condiments, or she is on a sailboat, or knitting, or sometimes she is eating something drenched in sriracha while knitting on a sailboat…