Acquis Consulting

David Kaufman co-founded Acquis Consulting Group in 1998 to be a different type of firm. We value their process driven, but also creative, thinking. In an industry where resources are often wasted on strategies never employed, David’s vision for Acquis was a firm that gets things done and we couldn’t agree more with him. His idea was simple - design creative, custom solutions for clients and then make sure they are executed successfully. The result is a leading boutique consultancy famous for its ability to deliver extraordinary results time and again. Acquis is small and agile, with the ability to tackle the most complex projects for premier clients. Under David’s leadership, Acquis has always been in the business of turning good ideas into lasting business value. “Think+Do” remains a core Acquis value and a hallmark of its excellence. We are proud to count David and his team of experienced professionals among our partners.