Customer service organizations are typically managed as a cost center. Key success metrics focus on productivity, efficiency, and regulatory compliance instead of customer satisfaction. 

If you couple that with a significant potential loss of revenue (remember, 89% will leave a company due to poor customer satisfaction) it is essential to stop looking at customer experience operationally, and instead, or equally, as a marketing issue.  In the vast majority of organizations, Customer Experience or Support typically reports through operations or aligns with the sales function in some way but does not interface with marketing.

In our experience, organizations must communicate its service "wins" with marketing, who, in this sharing economy can put it best to use.  Conversely, an open dialogue on service or customer service experience challenges is best known by marketing or PR, before a widely shared incident or pattern.

Whether creating processes for better communication, or restructuring teams and reporting structures, we help re-align your organization to better facilitate a culture of service.