Bought my desktop computer at Best Buy. Worked fine for 18 months. Problem. Still under warranty. Unplugged everything except the wifi antenna, which is for some reason riveted into the case, took the tower case and all its innards to the store. Had to be sent out to Geek Squad Central wherever the hell that is. Said they would call me when it came back, They never called. I called them. "Oh ... yeah ... it's back." I pick the computer up in the box it was shipped in, take it home, unpack it, discover that they couldn't unplug the wifi antenna either, so they JERKED IT OUT, completely DESTROYING the connection for the antenna, and then wrapped it in tape. I take the computer back to the store, demanding repair. (I live in NYC, I don't have a car, carrying a large computer tower back and forth from South Park Slope to Atlantic Terminal is a major hassle.) They're apologetic. It has to be sent to Geek Squad Central again. They say they'll call me when it gets back. They don't call. This time I don't wait for them to call, and the computer is in fact fixed when I get it back. This took almost two months and the snowball effects are still wrecking my professional life. Best Buy, BURN IN HELL!