Believe me, I've been a Costco brand ambassador for five years. I even had my elderly father buy his latest car from their purchasing program. So imagine my surprise when we were stopped at the checkout and informed that we would no longer be able to use our Business card to purchase items. Again, this was at the check-out. They have my phone, email and address. Why wait until that point? When we went to customer service, we were told we needed to present a current business license. Apparently this all had to do with people buying cigarettes at the reduced price with expired business cards. Um, I haven't smoked since 1988, so why was this even an issue?

Went back the next week, carrying a "national business license certificate," *but they would not honor it*. Apparently it's good enough for anyone else operating in the US, but not our local Costco. We have to file and pay to get a duplicate license from the county clerk, when all they had to do was look on the internet for Beagle Bay, Inc and see not only my company, but on the about page, pictures of us.

If the alternatives weren't bad and worse around here, I would drop Costco like a hot rock. And I surely will stop recommending them!