This was a while ago, but my grandmother had just passed away in Texas and we hired Atlas moving to pack and move her belongings up here so we could deal with them slowly rather than from 1500 miles away. En route, the driver went missing and for days, we tried to locate my grandmother's thing. We were on the phone with Atlas and even the police. Turns out the driver got in a fight with his wife, abandoned the truck (in mid-November) in a parking lot in N. Texas, and was thrown in jail for harassing her. We finally got the contents delivered here. We voiced our displeasure about the lack of tracking on the trucks and what had happened. Since they were well out of their delivery window, we inquired as to a discount on the fee since there were things that had been damaged from the freezing weather as it sat. The Atlas rep told us "no, the delivery still took place, the delay was irrelevant" I will never forget that one sentence - nor the attitude he took.