I had a nightmare of an experience with Jasmine Galleria, a bridal store in Lombard, IL.

Here is a rundown of events.

* I purchased a bridesmaid dress for $170, and got measured in store by a staff member.

* The dress comes in eight weeks later. I do not live in the area and travel often, so it is picked up for me by my friend (the bride).

* I try on the dress, and it is at least four sizes too big on me. If I didn't hold it up, it would fall down to my ankles. I have photos to prove it.

* I call the store and explain the situation. Since I am not able to make it into the store, they tell me to send photographs to the manager.

* I send photographs to the manager explaining my situation.

* The Manager, Jenny Ignowski, does not email or call. So I called her.

* Jenny acknowledges my email apologizes profusely over the phone for their error. She offered to pay for my alterations, and instructed me to go someplace locally and let her know the cost so she could reimburse me.

* I take it in to a local alternations place, and they tell me the dress is at least six sizes too big on me. It doesn't just have to be simply taken in, but has to be essentially remade. This will cost $200.

* I called Jenny, the manager to let her know. She told me to scan a copy of the invoice and send it to her, and then she would call me to process the credit.

* I emailed the invoice to Jenny as promised, and the store changes their mind to reimburse me for the alterations, and will only credit me $65. This to inadequate and insulting.

* I explain to Jenny that this is not a simple "taking in job." They are remaking the dress. Jenny fails to return any emails or calls after this correspondence.

* I called Jenny's boss, Kyle Yin at corporate and left him four voicemails. No return call.

So in the end, I will pay $370 for this bridesmaid dress because of Jasmine's mistake. At this point, this has become a matter of principle. A customer should never have to pay for a store's blatant error.

Shame on them. See comment on their FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/jasminespecialgalleria