While baking I opened a box of Kraft Food Philadelphia Cream Cheese. I noticed the foil was folded over where it was supposed to be sealed, leaving it opened. I smelled the opening and didn't like it, so I got another box out. Same thing. Thankfully, I had one more box and the recipe was not lost. I looked on the Kraft website and found a customer service email. They immediately responded saying, "Call this number"...which had me nervous because I hate computerized calls. I got to a human instantly!! I told her what happened, she didn't even blink, she wanted my address to send me coupons for both free cream cheeses. She was so nice and didn't assume I was lying trying to get free stuff. I couldn't believe how fast I got the coupons either. Not only was I impressed with their speed, but they could have easily just asked for my address in email and been done with me, but to have them give me a number to call and talk to a human is unheard of in customer service these day! I will never buy another brand again.