BBT Bank recently bought out our local Bank Atlantic and the service has steadily gone downhill. Although the local employees at the branch are still nice, their hands are tied by the new stricter policies and cannot provide the same level of service they used to. There was no explanation or warning about holds being put on deposits that regularly were available the same day, etc. The customer service representatives at their 1-800 number are rude and condescending on a regular basis. I decided to close my accounts, however I am still getting charged an overdraft fee for an auto payment that was accidentally put through by a creditor after the account was closed. Since the account was closed and they did not honor the auto payment, I feel that it is wrong for them to try to charge me $36 for an overdraft fee, when there was no overdraft. I called my local branch manager who explained that there was nothing he could do. I then called the dreaded customer service line to try and get some resolution. That representative told me that I had to speak to a manager at a local branch because they do not have any control over fees that come out of an account that is already closed. I asked her to please put a supervisor on because I had already called the local branch, at which point she said, (and I quote, bad grammar, slang and all) "I already done told you the policy, what more do you want from me?"