I ordered a custom photo collage canvas print from Shutterfly a few weeks ago. One of the things you can customize is the border color. We went back and forth on what color we wanted for that, and ultimately decided on one we thought would go well with the photos we had selected. Upon delivery, we HATED it. Really, really hated it. There was a note on the bottom of the shipping manifest that said, "Unhappy with your order for any reason? Contact us for a no questions asked refund or exchange." Sure enough, I emailed them and told them we made a mistake, the color was not at all what we wanted and looked awful on our wall with our other art, and they replied (within an hour or two, by the way) that it was no problem, and credited my account for a free canvas print with free shipping to get one with a border color we would like better. I reordered with a different color and had the new one within 3 days. EXACTLY how a customer service experience should be! Truthfully, I've become so jaded over the years with some pretty horrific customer service experiences, I was fairly stunned at how easy they made it for me to get exactly what I wanted at no additional cost to me.