My wife and I moved to Ohio from Florida and while we were building our house we had all our things in Public Storage. After a year in storage it was finally time to move! Long story short - the storage unit we had was leaking and we discovered many of our things were moldy. I drove up to the front office in order to speak with the manager on duty. At 12:00pm the door was locked which I found odd. It was the middle of the day. I knocked a few times and could see two employees sitting at their desks. I kept knocking. Finally one of the employees comes to the door (does not open it!) and tells me through the door that they are closed for lunch. I explain that I'm moving out of storage and we have water and mold damage. He again tells me that everyone is on lunch break so I should "come back in an hour". I understand everyone is entitled to a lunch break but in this situation does everyone in the office need to eat lunch at the same time? Especially when there's a customer with a problem! Someone could have put their sandwich down and helped address my concerns. No such luck. Again, the employees have yet to open the door for me. This conversation is all happening through the closed glass door of the office. I explained to the manager on duty that I had a moving truck with me so I couldn't just stay for an hour and wait for lunch break to be over. The employee told me "I'm sure you get to take a lunch break so we should be able too as well". The Public Storage employee went back to his desk and I stood outside in complete shock that this just happened. Since I was paying the moving company hourly I had no choice but to leave. I filed a report and am now working with Public Storage's insurance company for reimbursement. It has been 3 months and still no resolution. And no returned phone calls from the local Public Storage office.