I had 2 dogs and the price of their food was skyrocketing. I decided to give Whole Foods a try since one of my pups had some minor food allergies. We tried their 365 brand of dog food and it was great and really inexpensive. We were hooked! Only problem - we live fairly far from the nearest Whole Foods store (a solid 30 minutes) which is a long way to go for dog food. One day we drove down to the closest store only to find they were OUT of the food. We asked an employee we found in the pet aisle if they had any more and he checked in the back and confirmed they were out of the food. We expressed our disappointment and he immediately picked up a bog of another food, slapped a sticker on it and said, "I am sorry you came all the way down here. Try this bag on me - for free. Let me know how the dogs like it." We left with a FREE bag of food! I later read online about how Whole Foods empowers employees to make on the spot decisions in situations like that to keep customers happy. We are still happy with them and still buy our food only from Whole Foods.